Friday, July 9, 2010

Netherlands vs Brazil – End of the Champions

The match was scheduled at 7.30 pm and it’s the working hour.

I had gone to another office as a faculty for the training. Almost forgetting the game and when it struck it struck like a thunderbolt.

Brazil had scored a goal in the 1st half itself and then the man – Sneijder scored 2 goals in 15 mins. Oh man…futbol, futbol is really unpredictable, by the time I reached home the 5 times world champions were 5 mins away from getting eliminated from the tournament.

And then they tried everything but Holland was all ready to make it to the semis and they did.

Not to forget the Felipe Melo’s height of frustration when he stamped on Robben so fuckin intentionally, no wonder he got the red card.

So that was the end of the champions and dreams of so many supporters.

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