Saturday, June 21, 2008

Holland vs Russia (Euro Cup 2008 3rd QF)

Few minutes back Russia got into the Semifinals of the Euro Cup 2008.
The match was really an exciting one.
Though not as exciting as last nite's match :-)

Netherlands has been the highest goal scorer in Euro Cup 2008 till today.
They have scored 9 goals in just 3 matches and won all of them.

But today in quarter final knock out match against Russia they didn’t do that well I guess.

1st half went without goals.
In second half Russia scored the 1st goal in 56’.
I watched match from 75’ (was out for some personal reason...came home at 1.30 am :-) )
When it was almost the end of the match, just before 4 minutes, Netherlands managed to equal up the match. A goal was scored at 86’.
All depressed Holland fans as if were celebrating their independence.
They were so damn disappointed and depressed just a minute ago and then suddenly this goal brought them to life.

The match equaled with 1 – 1 score and then began the extra time.
In 1st half of the extra time no goals.
Then in 2nd half at 112’ Russia did it.
What a goal it was…a shoot from near the corner just ahead of goal and then a winning touch by another to get the ball inside.
As if this was not enough just within 4 minutes Russia hit another goal at 116’.
This too was a fantastic goal.

Netherlands couldn’t do anything after that.
They knew their destiny.
The game was over.

Russia had knocked them out.

Russia defeated Netherlands by 3 – 1.
The only match Netherlands lost made them leave the cup.

Tomorrow is the last QF match between Spain and Italy…its gonna be a great fun too.
Let’s see what happens.

Gudnite …time to sleep…zzz

Friday, June 20, 2008

Croatia VS Turkey (Euro Cup 2008 2nd QF)

Its 3 am 21st June 2008.
One of the most dramatic football matches just ended.
Euro Cup 2008 2nd Quarter Final Match between Croatia and Turkey.

A total play of almost 125 mins.
The match ended as 0 – 0 in 90 mins.
Then began the extra time for 30 mins.
No goal in 1st half of extra time.
No goal till 118’.
And then in 119’ Croatia hit the goal. A pass from near the corner and then header to score the goal.
All Croatian fans were as happy as they should be.
And all Turkey fans were equally depressed.
Isn’t it fantastic to score the goal in the second last minute of the match and that too in the extra time?
Man what a match changing point it was.
Croatian players along with their coach were as if celebrating the Euro Cup Final Win.

And then it happened…Armageddon for them…Sky fell on them…Dreams Shattered…

In fuckin 120+2 min of match, last min of match, just within a min after Croatia scored goal…in extra time of extra time, Turkey scored a goal. A free kick for Turkey which came in D and them Semih hit it straight in the goal like a bullet.

It was so dramatic. Match equaled just in time…and literally just in time.

The complete scene reversed.
Turkey fans cheering up. Croatian fans tensed.

It was time for Penalties.
Croatia hit the 1st…SAVED by Turkey’s 35 yrs old goalkeeper.
Turkey hit the 1st…GOAL.

Croatia hit the 2nd…GOAL
Turkey hit the 2nd…GOAL

Croatia hit the 3rd…AGAIN SAVED
Turkey hit the 3rd…GOAL

Croatian player came for the 4th hit…If he doesn’t hit this as GOAL…Croatia is OUT.
Turkey goalkeeper…if he saves this one…Turkey is IN.

And then they WON…TURKEY…
The goal was saved.

Tears rolled over Croatian fans’ and players’ faces.
And all Turkey fans and players were enjoying.

Croatia didn’t lose a single game in Euro Cup 2008 before this.
But the only one it lost…dragged it out of the game.

A great match, it was.
Turkey defeated Croatia by 3 – 1 in Penalties.

Time to sleep…3.40 am


Some Memories Are Best Forgotten.

Saw this movie last Sunday 15th June at 2 am :-)
Was getting bored and then came to know that the upcoming Aamir’s movie "Ghajni" is a remake of this one.
So decided to see it as it was in my collection.

Memento is directed by Christopher Nolan, I had seen one more movie by him "The Prestige" and it's also a cool movie.

Memento actually means a thing kept as reminder, that death is inevitable.

A real cool movie.
It’s a psychological thriller described in wiki.
The movie is about a guy who suffers from anterograde which you cannot build up more memories...after the point of incident (accident).
This is the condition which Guy Pearce(Leonard) keeps on telling everyone he meets.

Leonard chases a guy named "John G" and since he can’t rmbr anything about the people he meets he keeps on taking their snaps and writing notes on them.
To make sure he doesn’t forget the details and clues he also has imp clues tattooed on his body allover. The one most imp, alws making him rmbr his aim is on his chest written in mirror image "John G raped and murdered my wife".

The movie has just 3 main characters – Leonard, Teddy and Natalie.

The movie is beautifully directed.
The movie has 2 sequences running in black & white and color.
The b&w sequence is the forward chronology and the color one is the reverse chronology.
It’s really fun to watch the u will keep on scratching your head in order to fix the jigsaw pieces shown on screen...but it is not until last sequence shown that you will completely get the final order and positions of the pieces.

The 1st scene of the movie is the last scene of the story and the last scene of the movie is the middle scene of the story but revealing the truth. Sounds confusing huh…but that’s what it is.

It’s a low budget movie and shot in just 25 days.

This was the 1st Guy Pearce's movie I saw and I liked the actor.
The only person known for me in the movie was Natalie (Carrie-Anne Moss – Trinity in Matrix).
It’s a recommended movie.
I give it at 3.5 stars out of 5. :-)