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Klueless3 Answers

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Level0 --- change the url to

Level1 --- change the url to

Level2 --- whitewash

Level3 --- nero

Level4 --- east

Level5 --- iv

Level6 --- beckham

Level7 --- cancer

Level8 --- atm

Level9 --- importance

Level10 --- change the url to

Level11 --- h2g2

Level12 --- truth

Level13 --- travis

Level14 --- love

Level15 --- the sign of four

Level16 --- liv tyler

Level16a --- arwen

Level17 --- Guy Fawkes

Level18 --- Watterson

Level19 --- Mel Blanc

Level20 --- grand

Level21 --- fortune

Level22 --- roaster --- download office.xls

Level23 --- Bruce Edgar

Level24 --- newspaper

Level25 --- livewire

Level26 --- 27

Level27 --- 666

Level27a --- beast

Level28 --- F

Level29 --- Marvolo

Level30 --- room 101

Next Level --- change url to

So dats it...Hope you are happy now by these Klueless 3 Answers.

Klueless3 Hints

Hi guys,
I will give hints for all the 30 levels in Klueless3.
Klueless3 has very difficult levels from 1 ~ 10, bit difficult from 11 ~ 20 and less difficult from 21 ~ 30 … but don’t 4get the word difficult is still thr.
All hints are according to the path I followed, described in my own words nd not copied from some1 else’s blog.
I just can assure you dat I wont misguide u.
The last lines in some clues are related to the answer…u may find them weird…but after u get the answer…u wil get the logic.
Google and Wikipedia are the only way out if u r stuck.
If you don’t get enuf clues, v can discuss it here itself with many oders’ if they join in J
In case I m not available here, u can directly mail me on my gmail id
In case of utter desperation and frustration at the same time, u can message me on 9970287049. I will try my best to reply u or cal u bk, depending upon the work load in office.

Let me kno by leaving a comment…if my Klueless 3 Hints were helpful.

klueless3 game rules (very imp) :-

Level0 :- try the basic fundas of klueless…1st few stages are the warm up stages making u rmbr the basic things of getin thru the levels..klueless is smtimes deceptive…it doesn’t want u to do..wat it is askin u to…or telin u to.

Level1 :- tried clickin everywhr but u dint revoke any dialogue box to submit answer??
M I rite??? Check the source code…it tells you where to answer or rather complete the sentence on screen.

Level2 :- hmmm….r u sure, u r lookin at eveythin on screen???
Do u rmrb some tips from klueless1??? Or if u chck the source code, I don’t think u need to think anything??? The answer is thr.

Level3 :- No need to concentrate who the king is, hope u kno wat the monument is and use the page title…try completing it…this will lead towards answer but after that use ur own logic to match the different words.

Level4 :- if you have a real gud eye..u will see wat is needed…nd then just use the clue of source code and the page title..that gives u the easy answer…search for the signs…enigmatic though.

Level5 :- You need to figure out wat the pic exactly mean. It wont take much effort to kno if u have some basic Gk bout rock world and then wiki will lead u to answer. Don’t 4get to read the entire page. Don’t forget that the answer is a number without digits…u kno…I am same…WE are same.

Level6 :- u hv to simply find the connection between 3 pictures. The are bent it…you have to bend it too…Find the name of the monument…then…find wats common between the pic of lady..nd smthing in url…then find common between that common (person) and the 3rd pic…u will get the answer…the answer is a very very very well known word…a part of sm1 very famous person’s name….i have almost written the answer now. :-)

Level7 :- shud nt tk more dan a minute… if u see all the clues…the page title and the pic …nd url gives u the answer..very very staright answer.

Level8 :- hmmm…u wud have got this in a minute if u wud hv been british…newys…try to frame a phrase for the 2 pics u see…both have the same meaning…search for it then in wiki…nd read the entire page u will get the answer…the page title is also a gud clue.

Level9 :- one of the easiest to get thru…don’t think bout the page title…or wat u see on screen or the url…just check the source code and see wat has been highlighted…I guess ur English is gud enuf to kno atleast few synonyms.

Level10 :- perhaps the toughest of all…1st clue is dat this has one hidden level in between…now its upto u…to get to dat level...its not too tough if u’ve played klueless b4…
nd then search for the secret of 52…get the secret way to decode in wiki...
page title and caption for the picture form another rule to decode…
nd then wat u see in hidden level…only half of its part is imp…ignore the 1st half…apply the rule…nd get the answer…this will clear ur few basics…I hope…
since there is no space to submit answers…the only thing remained to change is the url. :-)

Level11 :- whu is the guy…since the url has word book..i guess he is an author...but wat book…the page title and his action in picture tells u the name…not complete though…but a major part of the book name…nd then u have to get the biggest clue from the source code…just think wat examples are given and how can it be related with the book name..dats the answer.

Level12 :- think hard…enuf klues are already given…the clues are askin u to go smwhr…the picture resembles smthing…the word zero is present twice…in url and in page title…wat does this all mean??? Go nd find the truth thr…it isn’t bitter.

Level13 :- Source code is the biggest clue…few words of it… its obvious the text is ciphered…now all u have to do is to kno…wat cipher dis is… the man who can find those lucky words of source code can get the cipher easily…once u get wat exactly is written...dont think much…just goggle for it…nd u wil get the answer...its smthin mentioned in url.

Level14 :- I guess this is the best composed level in the game…if u have attended all the periods in ur school…u wil need 5 mins…the page title is the BIGGEST clue here…Does smthing click to those two words on screen???...if it does click…then “XXXXXXXXX” matches between us…Wat are those numbers..nd wat table is the source code askin u to refer…just give it a thot…wen u get it all…SIMPLY CONNECT…nd nthng else.

Level15 :- Hope you get…whu d characters are...later wonder wat is additional in the pic...if you see wikipedia for the correct character amongst the two…you will find the same pic…nd u will figure out...few signs are additional…how many are they??…y are they thr??... r they telling u the exact answer…read wiki...get the answer…I hope I dint spoil.

Level16 :- one of the easiest level..just type (in google)…the complete name of the actress on screen…nd the key word in the url…dat gives u the answer thr itself in the search result.

Level16a :- I guess easier than the previous level…just type in google two imp words…one is clue that you get from the source code…oder is the clue on ur screen infront of u(answer of previous level)…dats all.

Level17 :- the source code helps you to get the answer…I think its quite a helpful clue…you can think upon few oder clues…which are very direct like…the page title and caption above the mask…do u think V is alws for Victory???

Level18 :- u need to research to kno who are they…image name combined with the source code is useful hint…once u get thru dat…the page title will help to kno the answer…but again a part of answer is required not the complete part…some part which source code has asked for.

Level19 :- not a hard one…url and source code are giving u the same big clue…the cartoon on screen will help u more…i guess now u know whu has said dat...but u have to find…whu actually said dat…the answer is smthin dat u wud get in a blank mail.

Level20 :- i took a lot of time for this one...infact i jus took answer from my fnd..hehe…
newys…see the source code…something is hidden thr…smthin like u did in lvl every word sm letter is highlighted…combine them, u wil get smthing…i dnt thnk doing all this is actualy needed...i dnt kno my clue is gonna help u or not…actually u have to cmplt the word on screen…have u ever noticed…how difficult it is to paint…dont u think u need to have a grand imagination.
Level21 :- quite easy one…fortunately i got thru dis one within a minute…just get the keywords from wat u see on screen…google for them…goto wiki…read the complete page…u will come to kno...wat those xxxxx stand for…the text dat has been written on pic by the author is also a big clue…it will help u pickin the exact sentence written by X’s…enter the word…dat has been highlighted by the X’s in red…dats all.

Level22 :- dis was a real nice one…the url…source code…name of the image u c…the text written…the image itself…are all very very useful clues…then page title “0.5” is smthin u have to think upon…don’t thnk very complex…be simple…
this stage has a middle stage…after u get to know wat the above thing is pointing towards…u wil have to change smthin…nd get wat u were searchin for(the middle stage)…after u get that thing…u will be more surprised as u will think nthng is thr...but thr is smthin…u have to find the keyword…dat is thr…how to find…either the source code + page title clue combinely will help u…or thr is a very simple easy way to find it…if u r aware of few windows fundas.

Level23 :- enuf clues are thr…I kno u will easily find the cipher used..but now don’t scratch ur head much to find the key…the key has already been mentioned thrice…if u think something dat is highlighted is a key then u are misleaded…after u decode the text…just google it to get the answer.

Level24 :- again a simple one…don’t concentrate on the lyrics written…don’t concentrate on band…neither the name of the song…just concentrate on few letters in the text…few highlighted in a real nice way…combine them…nd then check the source…to kno the simple procedure to decode them…one of the most common cipher…its not difficult to cut the newspaper with the scissors. :-)

Level25 :- hmmm…again u have to decode…if typewriter was not comfortable…then obviously sm1 must have simplified it…wat ws dat…why all letters are marked “X” except one in d pic…this all will lead u only one thing…use that thing to decode the text…its pretty easier…
the answer wil give u a shock. :-)

Level26 :- hw much r u aware of rock moozik…I m a crazy u kno some stories…if not this is pretty difficult for u…still I will help…do u kno…whu is the posthumous richest rockstar…whu rocked 1969 woodstock…what is “the American” night about…if u kno dese 3 persons…FIGURE out something common between them…ages have passed but still its known.

Level27 :- dis is a real nice one…it increased my knowledge…it wont take much effort to kno how to decode wat u see…once u get the exact it…find out wat it is related to…the truth is horrifying…out of all the digits in number u get…which number is highlighted by blue lines…nd y it is highlighted.
I love IRON MAIDEN…if u too…then this n even next a child’s play for u.

Level27a :- As I told u…dis is an easy one...luk at the url and nd I guess it is related with a wild horrifyin animal…rite…i almost wrote the answer.

Level28 :- I took a bit long time for this...but lastly figured it out…u kno...wat u r lukin at is not sm silly pencil sketch by the klueless authors…it is a manufacturing pic of smthing…wat thing…the clue gives u a very simple answer…wat doesn’t fail in zero gravity and even underwater…if u get dat thing…just see the related page in wiki…no need to read anything…just scroll the page and look at images…u will come to kno the answer instantly…it the answer for the “?”

Level29 :- Marvellous…I was so fed up at this stage…just cuz i dint try something very simple at this stage...u have done dat…i hd done dat…1stly think that wat the author is poiting towards…which fantasy fiction…one u get the names of all books…concentrate on wat is written on the parchment and wat the page title tells u…both are same things…now u have to search for 7 more clues…how will u do that…dats upto u…but dats not all…after u get those 7 things…u have to search for the question…it will be formed combining all 7 things u got...nd dat will lead u to answer.

Level30 :- the worst thing in the world is dat it is infront of u but u cant c it…u must be thinkin real hard since it’s the last stage…don’t be under assumption dat dis is very hard…u have to simply link or find connection between matrix and 1984…there is no fire in the room.

Next Level :- now plz don’t tel me…u r not getin this one..u kno wats coming next…nd u don’t have any oder plc to write it except the plc whr u need to.

I hope my klues helped u guys…
Thanks to Rahul for helping me out to get thru some stages.
Kip in touch…Kip Rockin \m/

Kluesless...Fundoo Timepass !!

Hi friends,
This is the 1st time I am writing bout Klueless in my blog.
For the beginners, klueless is one of the best online games available.
It is a part of IIM Indore’s annual festival IRIS.

Till date Klueless(1), Klueless2 and Klueless3 have been released.

Few days back, I completed Klueless 3.

The best part of Klueless is that it passes the firewall of most IT companies, lol.

Klueless is a very enticing game.
A single word for it is “addiction”.
You get addicted to it and then no matter what oder work or study responsibilities u have, u 1st wanna complte the damn game.
Its too frustrating when u cant get thru the clues on various blogs and stil find urself in the middle of nthng.
This is the 1st motto for this blog.
I will be writing 2 separate blogs named Klueless 3 Hints (Klueless3 Hints) and Klueless 3 Answers (Klueless3 Answers).

Believe me Klueless is the game where you will come to a point of begging for the answer.

At few points I was too desperate to search for Klueless3 answers on google but cudnt get anything. Hope my blog helps some of u.

There are blogs available with direct answers for Klueless1 and Klueless2.

I will try my best to write/reply the hints in a way so that the players won’t need to look for the answers directly.

My 1st blog will be about Klueless3 and later I will be writing the same 2 blogs for Klueless1.

Klueless2 is quite different from 1 and 3. In it you have to play Sherlock Homes and solve a case. As compared to oder 2, I found it bit boring, but rmbr I said “as compared to”, oderwise no Klueless has been boring.

Most imp tip:-
A webpage consist of 4 imp things:-
1. url
2. page title – smthing written after the IE logo on the topmost left corner on screen.
3. source code.
4. the matter u see on webpage…smtimes thr are hidden things too…

So guys here comes my 1st blog.