Monday, April 27, 2009

2 more days to go…

You have to be really lucky to get a weekend this long…ya coming weekend is of 4 days…man how lucky…30th is the election day here in Mumbai and then 1st May is World’s Labour Day so again holiday and then Saturday and Sunday…in all 4 days holiday and that too without applying a single leave…yuupppiiiieeeee

All have their plans and most of them have a single plan of going home…and I am no exception…have got confirmed tickets (not easily though :-)) but everything’s set now…so Nagpur I am coming :-)

I know it’s too hot over there and it’s not gonna be fun roaming in daytime but then there are always night plans and everyone knows what are they :-)

So that’s it…time to sleep now…have a training at 9 in morning to attend :-(

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A noteworthy failure

Everyone has some failures in life. I am no exception.
This failure is something that will be remembered all life.

This is the failure that will make me remember that I am no genius to get thru the MBA exams.

I actually feel that I am an intelligent fella and if I try hard I can do well in exams too.

But it didn’t turn out to be true in case of the MBA exams I appeared for this year.
I gave all the exams I was eligible for…CAT, XAT, FMS, NMAT, SNAP, JMET and CET and I simply screwed up all them…pretty well and equally…I got thru none.

CAT...scored pathetically bad…lower than my 1st attempt last year without studying.
XAT…did well…very good score but didn’t get thru Math cut-off so simply of no use.
FMS, NMAT, SNAP, JMET don’t remember the scores but screwed them too.

CET the only exam where I would have stood some good chance as it has reservation for NT…I screwed it too…not completely though…scored fine and now GD/PI is awaiting and after that the results will be declared…so lets wait and watch…I cant say anything more.

But scores of these exams is not the real embarrassment for me, neither is the fact that I must have spent at least 10000 bucks behind the exams and for applying in some other institutes and additional 5000 for the correspondence course in IMS and test series.

The real embarrassment is that I took more than a month time to study for the exams, I took leave for a month and went to Nagpur and I planned to study at least 16 hours a day and just crack each of the fuckin exams but vice a versa happened, I got fucked in all of them. Its not that I didn’t try at all, I did...but now I feel that may be it was not up to the mark...but now giving explanations is of no use, as it has been very correctly said “Excuses are for the losers” and may be I am one of them.

I am not pessimistic to accept that I am not worth being an MBA but then I won’t be a fool claiming I am worth one though I can’t become one.

So now I am waiting for my last result and the upcoming GD/PI. If I get thru then well and good or else I have this current IT life to live ahead.

Just wish me luck :D

P.S. The post was written in office in evening and I have posted it now.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chadta Suraj Dheere-Dheere Dhalta hai Dhal Jaayega

This is the song which is completely on my mind from last few days. To enlighten you more about it, this is a qawali by Aziz Nazaan and it was one of the song I admired too much, much before I got introduced to rock moozik :-) and it’s a song I heard first...a real long time back.

I still remember that I was a school going kid may be of 5th or 6th standard and there used to be a Ganpati Installation in our colony and then there has to be an Orchestra on one of the days and once there was this particular set of guys who sang this song. I still remember that they all were sitting down in a typical qawali singing postion with their handkerchiefs on their heads. And when they started singing, I caught almost all the lines and got lost in the song.

After that I never heard the song again but then thanks to Arpit’s Dad that he has a great music collection and once in my college life I found one CD with all famous qawalis and then I again got introduced to this beautiful song and then I got so fuckin addicted to it, used to hear it like at least 3 4 times a day and then one day these guys got almost irritated and I guess they hid that CD somewhere and then I could not find it anywhere and again I almost forgot the song. But by this matured time of college life I could get the message conveyed by the song, its wordings and the deepest meaning of life I have ever read and it just got inscribed in my mind permanently.

I never forgot the song but could not get it from anywhere, I won't say I tried too much but then just like that.

And then few days back while discussing with one of my friend(Jaya) again I remembered it and then since now I have internet access, before I could again forget it I just got it from net, as I believe there is no single thing you cannot find on net and the only god I believe is GOOGLE.

Now this is the only hindi song in my iPOD (actually urdu) and man I listen to it like twice a day at least and it makes me feel great.

All those reading this post I would like to recommend this song to u. Just try it once and I bet you won't disagree with the message passed and the beautiful meaningful way in which the entire span of human life has been described by the lyricist and the depth in the voice of the singer.

That’s all I can say…I just love this qawali.

Chadta Suraj Dheere-Dheere Dhalta hai Dhal Jaayega

Just click here to view and hear the song on youtube and you can get the lyrics from anywhere on net.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Got the Band “C” :-)

Band C is not Band Contest here :-)
It’s my rating in my company. I remember I have never mentioned about my work anywhere in my blog. For the unaware people if they ever read this blog, I am working as a software engineer in TCS (Tata Consultancy Services).

Few days back I got my appraisal done and got placed in band C that means 3 out of 5.
Ya I know its not a thing to be proud about or something since there are people getting 4 and 5 (B and A) but the thing to be happy about is that there are many other people who have been placed in band D and E as well (2 and 1 out of 5) and that’s really dangerous now in this recession.

I remember that I got placed in Band D last year and I was so fuckin tensed and frustrated cuz of it. I had been a part of 2 projects in that financial year and still I was rated as an under performer but later it got changed (this is also a long story…may be someday will become one other post). But that time system default rating was 2 and hence it was one of the valid points for me to get it changed. System default rating is for people who have been on bench for the entire year; say they didn’t get any work or responsibilities.

Anyways the thing is that this year TCS changed its default rating to 1 and hence many people have been rated 2 out of 5 even after being a part of project for much time of the year. Also my 1st half yearly rating was around 3.6 but my 2nd half yearly rating was just 2.69 which was a point of concern for me and I was very much sure that I am gonna get fuckin D this time too but fortunately everything went well and now I have Band C.

So I am happy :-)

P.S. : TCS rating system is not satisfactory for all. Last year my H1 and H2 were 3.4 and 3.5 approximately but still I got 2.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nagpur is no exception for hot climate now

Right now I am at Romi’s flat in Pune and its too fuckin hot here...The climate is so sweaty just like in Mumbai...You just can't get along with it everywhere...In Mumbai u can’t bear the sweat and mandatorily u have to bath twice a day...especially when u come back from office...and then the irritation in your’s intolerable cruelty :D ... in the day time when you get out on streets you can simply sweat to death ( I don’t know if this is an existing phrase :-) )

The reason for me writing this post is that whenever I have a talk with my friends and then everybody starts telling something bout their hometowns and then when it comes to my hometown “Nagpur” everybody exclaims “’s hot like hell there...unbearable heat and stuff” ... but right now there is no difference between most of the Indian cities and far as the climate comes in picture...atleast in Nagpur there is dry heat unlike cities like Mumbai...and again since Nagpur is not so much Industrial...there is very less pollution.
So the final conclusion is that global warming may be soon reaching its peak leaving most parts of India to burn and it's time for everyone to start taking measures to control Anya has already mentioned in his post...hope everyone realises it soon.

Take Care.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

So ja saale...Net kahi nahi ja raha !!

Its just 6 days that I have got the connection and seriously my daily routine has become worse. I am already so nocturnal and now cuz of internet I am again stressing myself.
I need to sleep…I am sleeping for just 6 hours daily now…as you guys know I used to sleep like 9 hours on weekdays too…so 6 hours is kinda difficult…I feel so damn sleepy sometimes in office specially after lunch.

What am I doin? Even I don’t know… I am not watching many movies either…I am just downloading…ya download was something I wanted to do a lot…and I am actually doing it so…in last just 6 days I have downloaded more than 8 Gb of movies…all kinda ;-) and some moozik related stuff too…I am utilizing each penny of what I have paid…but man I need to see the movies too…think I need to revive my daily routine.

I also wanted to blog a lot…which actually I haven’t done…atleast not to my satisfaction…but now I have decided I will…I love to write.

So that is it…sleep is something I need…schedule is something I need to renew…lets wait and watch.

So lemme end with what I have started…So ja saale…Net kahi nahin ja raha !!
this is what anya told me online on the very 1st night after I got the connection :-)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Blood is still Pumping

Fuck Yeah !!

I am alive...and its gonna be rocking i got an internet connection for the 1st time in ma life...i kno dis sounds fuckin weird i actually bliv alongwith ppl like ani and rahuli dat net connection is a basic need nw a days... but ya i ws managing somehw widout it...

Newys fuck the past...

I am all set to rock dis place again...

Man...I am so happy...yeah the blood is still pumping !!