Sunday, November 29, 2009

CAT Debacle…a complete WTF situation

28th Nov 09…CAT exam’s first day…this time the management gurus have decided to go online…no more paperwork and stuff and to save some cost…actually a good decision…but only till the noon of 28th Nov.

I was amongst the few lazy asses who bought the CAT form almost on the last day and hence we were the ones who got the slot of the 1st day…maximum people would be choosing 5th and 6th Dec weekend.

So I went to my centre in Bandra and my friend Ankit was with me…we had 3.30 pm time slot. We were called 2 hours before and we did reach then…we firstly wondered that why the hell guys who appeared for the slot of 10 am are are coming out at 2 and 2.30 but then thought may be just that their exam started bit late.

And then we got our seats in respective computer labs, at first the exam application wasn’t starting. For first 15 mins we thought it is a regular trouble the people there would be of help but then the problem was there for all the students and then the situation went chaotic as almost no one was able to give the exam and then we were told that there is server crash or some overload shit that screwed the exam…

We all were like wtf man…means cant u guys even take care of one exam…and do u really have any idea how big is that??? For me and Ankit, we went just cuz we bought the forms…we didn’t study…but there are people who slog their asses studying like 20 hours a day only for this D Day of theirs’ and when they come here thinking the battle of 2 and half hours will change their life when they win it…what they see is this bullshit mismanagement…they are told the exams not today and when it is, this will be informed on mail or msgs or calls…how do u expect some one to react???
This is a big psychological defeat for people who study so seriously…

No kidding…for one girl I came across…the software hanged in the middle of the exam…after she had completed 20 questions…fuckin 20 questions…isn’t this a security breach…what if she post those 20 question online…what will be done then??

People don’t choose dates randomly…they choose dates cuz of some reason…people come from various city for this exam…I know people who even came from US just to give their CAT (the same girl mentioned above) and she is supposed to travel back to US tomorrow…how is rescheduling the exam going to help her??? Will there be US return tickets sponsored to her??

There were 2 people in our room who were giving the paper while all this chaos was going on…I really feel sorry for them as there was no room for them to concentrate but then the others too couldn’t control themselves…it was good that after sometime we all vacated the room and shifted to other classroom where we were told about rescheduling.

The prometric people have performed pathetically bad …can’t they even test one software performance and one server speed…can’t u write scripts to bring thousands of people online on one server and test its performance…I know I am getting too technical…but this is for one smart ass who was present in the argument and raised a point…dude how do u expect them to test server for 20000 people…man we IT people do it all the time…do u even fuckin know how does a sever work…fuckhead.

It was one hell of a experience, I never ever imagined that one of the biggest exam in India would get cancelled cuz of such a mismanagement…and the other surprise was today morning when the server problem was still persistent and the exam got cancelled again on the 2nd day…the feeling is funny now…I am simply laughing…I don’t have anything better to do…

Anyways I just hope that the problem gets solved very soon cuz I know this exam matters a lot for lot many people who actually wait for this one BIG DAY of CAT exam and it doesn’t fuckin matter to them to darken the circles on OMR or to click the radiobuttons on computer screen.

Best luck buddies :-)

** only good thing that happened on that evening was that I saw SRK on his terrace when he came out to greet his fans since it was bakri eid :D

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Google Wave...a new revolution :)

Google Wave...Until last week i dint even know of this thing…but man just saw its videos on youtube and believe me this is gonna be a revolution soon.

Few days back Anya mailed sent us GW invites and I just joined it.

In few words, Google wave is ONE place for everything you want to do…they call it WAVE…it’s a single thing for all things we want…right from official stuff to personal and casual stuff with friends…it has all mail…chat…a combination of both…pics…vids…games…and all can be done with multiple people at a time.

I can’t explain all in words here…
Interested people can see these vids on youtube…

I love Rosy…this is so amazing… :D

Youtube video 1
Youtube video 2

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Congratulations Anya :-)

This post is just to express my happiness for Aniruddha better known as Anya…as he has got a job today…and what else can be a better day to write about him :D

I was sleeping when Rahul called me up and Anya was on conference from US and Anya told us the good news. I was about to hang up the call as I was too sleepy but after Anya shared the news there was a wave of excitement and happiness in me.

Those who don’t know Anya, please visit his blog by clicking here.

A brief introduction from me would be…I know this dude from like past 21 years now and we have been together all the time…nothing like a gap of 5 6 yrs of education in between or anything else…Anya went to US for doing Masters on 27th July 2006 (it was my birthday :D) and after he completed his Masters the recession hit the globe in late 2008 and it was a real bad time for all the students passing that year and one of them was our dude.

Honestly speaking I always felt that studying in US is a privilege and you have the best time in your life and life is all fun but it was when Anya went through his phase and I realized that its no all time fun but you have to be so self dependant and manage so many big things at a time like studies and part time jobs and cooking and relationships and what not and you can actually get screwed somewhere if you don’t be strong.

No doubt he has been a source of inspiration when I used to get frustrated due to some not very big problems here in India…better when we guys used to get frustrated :D

Anyways sad scenes apart, today I am really happy for this dude getting something he really deserves, bit late though. I am sure many better things are yet to happen.

I have been informing all my friends from morning and everyone is happy for Anya... :)

Take care mate :-)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The quest is over --- Cracked Klueless 5 :-)

Once again the moment of success…Fuck Yeah we did it once again cracked Klueless 5…

Me and Rahul are 7th on Hall of Fame Klueless 5
last year too we were on 7th :-)

The last blog was on Thursday morning 3 am waiting for the Klueless 5 to launch.
Its Sunday morning now almost 4.30 am and this is to declare the achievement…

It took almost 3 days to crack it and believe me each sec was consuming the grey cells…but at the end everything pays off…the feeling of getting through those 38 levels step by step solving it all and trust me…gaining that huge amount of knowledge…I just love this game…Klueless is surely the best online puzzles I have ever played.

Thanks a lot to the Klueless Team who strive so much to let others enjoy the fist…and also the people on forum to share hints and special thanks to Vishal, Mukul and Gaurav :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The quest begins soon --- Klueless 5 :)

After almost 6 hours we gonna be on a big quest…the thirst to be among the top 10 of Klueless 5 hall of fame.

Last year we made it at 7th position but this time we are targeting top 5. We here mean me and Rahul.

The only difference as compared to last year is that we are not together this time. Obviously we gonna coordinate and solve it together and share the success as well…hope the distance won’t matter much.

Last year I remember the enthu we started with and the happiness of the achievement of being in top 10…looking forward to experience the same again.

Wish me luck guys… :-)

K5 --- waiting for you.