Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Addicted to Mafia Wars :)

And before I sleep, a confession, I have really got addicted to Mafia Wars on Facebook…I just do nothing these days when at home, just be online and play MW…spend all my energy and stamina (these are MW jargons) and then wait for the same to refill…the game is really addictive, I know most of you will agree :)

The game is about forming a mafia with you friends on facebook and then just playing a virtual Mafia War…doing illegal jobs…attacking other Dons...robbing them…declaring war within your own mafia…buying properties and some businesses and much much more :D also you have your mafia at two places New York and Cuba…its all very interesting at least till now and I am sure its gonna be the same atleast till you become the top mafia which is really a fars cry for me…I am on level 182 right now and top mafia people are above level 4000 … hehe…


Searching for a new place

This is one of the things that is taking much of my time on weekends and still no positive output as of yet…from almost a month I guess we are doing this…searching for the new place since our contract here in current place is almost over and we need to get the new home asap…the sad part is here WE is just me and Suyog :(

We have searched few good places in last couple of weeks but now the problem is we don’t have enough people to share the flat with us and the main reason being that one of the earlier roommates has ditched really bad…or may be its not his fault as he was too desperate to shift to a place near to his office but I still cant understand that how can someone shift from a place where you have been living with people you have known for last 7 years to a new place where you know no one…or may be it was for the good of everybody, anyways the other roommate is shifting to another place by the end of this month so after that if we don’t get a good place with enough people to share the same then we both will have to contribute extra cut for the current place for next month…

We are still in need of a good place within our budget and atleast one more person to share it, so lets see what happens…will keep you all updated.

Hope for the best and always be prepared for the worst :)

No consistency

Its been more than a month that I have written anything here…the space I consider mine, my say…nothing like I don’t have anything to write…I always thought there should have been a device to record everything you think, in a text format, had it been invented it would have been so easy to daily update blogs :D … excuses…lol

Anyways there have been many things I would have written but the simple reason is no consistency…and this has been the reason for many other things in my life…yeah you can call them failures too…I remember even Anya had stopped in between for a time being and didn’t write much on his blog and may be this was my patch…hope that I write regularly now…I really miss my blog…