Monday, September 15, 2008

Righteous Kill

This is the 2nd movie we saw :-)

Righteous Kill is a good movie but not a very good movie…and the only thing that makes it good is two superb and senior actors Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

The story line is just another action – crime story line…nothing much to write about it…the only thing that makes it interesting is the presence of two big actors.

If I am sounding too negative then please don’t think wrong…the movie is not bad or something :-)

I would rate it as 6.5/10.

A Wednesday

This Saturday was fun…I woke up very late by 2 or 3 in noon…don’t even remember…hehe…then had lunch and then bathed and then went to meet Akshay at around 6 pm (train was too crowded man :-( …virar train…u know ) and then we two saw two movies back to back but in different theatres :-)

The 1st was “A Wednesday”.

This is a must watch movie for all…for at least we Indians…who have been portrayed in the movie…the common man.

The acting by two senior actors Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah is superb as expected. The storyline is awesome…it’s just a 100 minute movie and you wont get bored at any point.

What makes the movie special is the current scenario in India…the dominant atmosphere of terrorist attacks and the helplessness of the government…and how the common people are suffering due to this.

There is nothing much to write about the movie. You will get it all once you see it for yourself.
I just loved it…and would rate it 8/10 :-)

P.S. While I was watching this movie in theatre with Akshay…I got a message from my roommate (Sameer) that there have been serial blasts in Delhi…it was a terrifying message…I thought for a moment that if the theatre blows up…but then got involved in the movie and the Devil inside the empty mind slept off…hehe

Friday, September 12, 2008

THE END…By...The Doors

Its 12 30 am now…Friday night…but nothing special as such…

Just…came back from office at about 10 and then made some phone calls and then had my dinner…and came online…no one special was online so was just getting bored and hence started listening some old rock songs…

Realized why it is said…OLD IS GOLD !!

Few minutes back heard the song THE END by one of the greatest rock band ever “THE DOORS”…simply beautiful…read lyrics online and the moozik composed…it just takes you somewhere else…

This is not the 1st time I am listening DOORS songs but I don’t know tonight it was something different…I have heard many of their songs but this one is really a different composition from the others…

Light My Fire…Love Me Two Times…Love Her Madly…Hello I Love You…LA Woman…these are few of the best DOORS songs…from their titles itself you can make out that they are romantic…but rock songs are very different than typical romantic pop songs…anyways…my point here is the song THE END is simply amazing…it’s a beautiful combination of lyrics…music…and specially the voice…the voice of GOD…Jim Morrison…the way he has sung the song…his style…everything adds up to the magical effect on the listener…

THE END is one of the best rock song ever composed according to me…

Guys you gotta listen it…or you are missing something :-)

Keep Rocking !! \m/

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Be ready to see this warning now at almost all the hang out (public) places.

For the smokers who are actually used to smoke whenever and wherever they like,
This news in Times of India will make a difference from 2nd of October.

The Govt of India has finally decided to forcefully impose the law of smoking ban in public places all across the country…For those who are unaware of the fact…this law was formed and also applied 2 years ago…but as you know WE INDIANS never followed it and our lovely government stood helpless for these 2 years…But now our Health Minister Mr. Ramadoss has decided not to let this rule violation continue anymore…hope he succeeds (lol)

But to tell you my honest opinion…I have a gut feeling that this time it’s gonna work…the article mentioned above describes all the acts and actions that will be taken care by the government.

A fine of 200 bucks and which will be further increased to 1000 bucks will be imposed if a person is caught smoking in public places and if within an organization then the organization will have to pay the extra fine of 5000 bucks per person…1000 bucks sounds like a heavy fine man :-(

Anyways I guess companies must be taking their own precautionary and corrective measures of declaring the smoking zones and hence will be safe and the clever smokers will find their way out by not violating the law.

I won’t be affected much as I always smoke along roadside (roads and parks are NO more public places under this law)…I guess neither will it be a great deal for other smoker friends as almost all the tapris in INDIA are along roadside (Tapri is the hindi word for a place where you get cigarettes and chai (tea)…standard tapri is also known as PAN SHOP)

Government thinks that most school kids start smoking just because they see people around them smoking and also on screen (I will write another blog post on this screen funda)…may be the govt is correct here…and if it is so then the law may help…

But what I honestly feel is that most of the people smoke cuz they want to and feel like smoking…and at least I am not amongst those who started smoking may be cuz of others or just for the style as shown on screen (according to many people).

But ban on smoking in hotels and pubs and discos doesn’t sound like a good idea…I wonder how can some one enter a disco or pub and find no smoke anywhere…he may pinch himself to believe the scene.
Creating smoke zones at these places won’t be a good idea either…I guess the owners will prefer to hang the smoke zone board right besides the name of the place e.g. CAFÉ MONDEGAR [Smoke Zone]…lolz…

Whatever…I hope the law will be followed at the feasible places and the rest I guess...lets wait and watch…or may be again the law stays on paper for few more years as it did for last 2 years and then govt actually accepts the need of amendment.

Oh man…I need a smoke :-)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Independence Rock XXIII and XXII

Independence Rock a.k.a iROCK is the biggest platform for the Indian Bands to perform upon…as it’s the biggest Rock Festival in my country.

The fest has been started by FARHAD K. WADIA.
To know more about the iROCK….Please Click Here

31st August 2008, Sunday…I went with Akshay, Rohan and Anubhav for iRock 23 at Chitrakoot Ground in Andheri.
To tell you the events honestly, we reached the place almost one hour late but we were not the only ones as there were people even after us to buy the tickets…whatever…so then we entered the ground.
Some Kolkata Band was playing and the songs were all ok ok types and hence we didn’t enjoy as we expected.
Then came the last band Agni (we came to know that only 3 bands were going to play out of which we missed the half part exact) anyways…then Agni came on stage…a band from Pune…who mainly have their own compositions in Hindi…so we were expecting that it’s gonna be obviously boring.
But we were proved wrong…the band started with their self composition on Lord Shiva and the moozik for it was really impressive…the band continued with one or two more self compositions and then they started playing covers and they were superb songs like Whole Lotta Love (Led Zep), Immigrant Song (Led Zep), Love me Two Times (The Doors), Nothing Else Matters (Metallica) and few more and thus we were actually happy to be there and I did a lot of headbang and shouted a lot (obviously) :-)

Finally we left by 10.15 and then had dinner together at Lucky (where we laughed a lot on few jokes by Rohan and Me…which were really very funny) and then we went to Akshay’s place and slept off.

Overall the day went great.

But for us…iROCK 23 was not as great as iROCK 22.
Last year we went to the same place but we were few more guys…Rahul, Gaurang and few Rohan’s cousins…and the songs played were really good…mainly death metal songs and we enjoyed the mosh pit too…alongwith the wall of death…
For people who didn’t understand what does mosh pit and wall of death mean…PLEASE CLICK HERE.

Also the bands who performed in iRock 22 were awesome as compared to those who played this year…anyways whatever it is…iRock ROCKS !! \m/

One more thing other than moozik in iRock to be noticed is the crowd present.
The crowd is mainly the youth class…everyone wearing their favorite bands’ t-shirt.
You can hardly find anyone wearing a Non-Black t-shirt in the entire crowd…all people are rock fans banging and rocking with the deafening music…Smoking guys and gals and few fanatics drunk too :-) that’s the real fun.
Other than the Band t-shirts, you can also find people wearing Che Guevara t-shirts as he is a popular icon of youthful rebellion. (I will definitely write another post on this man later :-))

So that’s all about iROCK…if you be here in India and wanna have a good time don’t miss this event…its organized in all major cities of the country.

Live to Rock !! \m/

Friday, September 5, 2008


Saw this movie on 2nd Sept.
It’s a nice movie.
Nothing much to write about it.
I heard the director name for the 1st time “Timur Bekmambetov”, he is Russian.

The star cast of the movie is nice…stars James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. James MaAvoy seemed to be a known face but I couldn’t recall any of his…

There are some new fundas in the movie like curving bullet path and bruises removing wax bath and the one liked most was …DECOY…

It’s a timepass movie…don’t think too much about everything shown on screen and thus you will enjoy :-)

I would rate it 6.5/10.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


WALL – E is a must must must watch movie for all…many people think that animated movies are only for children but I tell you honestly…if you also think the same then either you lack something in your life or you never gave it a try…

Few years ago may be 2 years ago I was one of the above mentioned category…I never tried any animated movie and actually used to feel…kya bey…cartoon hi toh hain…(what’s in it…just cartoons)…but then I gave it a try…thanks to Rahul for this…I guess my 1st animated movie was Monster House or may be Happy Feet…and then I just loved them…I came to know how ahead America is in using technology…how they have gone way far ahead of us to produce movies…to give cartoons emotions and power of expressing emotions…may be better than us…human beings…WALL – E is another example of the same thing.

I don’t wanna write much about the movie as all I have got are my feelings and its really difficult to describe them in words here…this movie is the best animated movie ever produced…and WALL – E is the best animated character…he is damn cute…damn emotional and all his expressions…I just cant write it in words…even now I am getting excited thinking of the movie…I saw it yesterday in Pune with Rumi, Veenu and Akshay.

The animation is FLAWLESS…simply and absolutely flawless…I dream of day when such kinda movies will be produced in my India.

Anyways…the movie is a story of WALL – E ((Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth-Class) and EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator), but its not just the story about these two…it’s a very conceptual movie about what may be possible in future may be 1000 years later…there is one more cute robot in the movie named M-O who cleans all the filth wherever he finds it…but WALL – E is the cutest of all. And the voice given by Ben Burtt is so sweeeeet… :-)

I rate the movie as 9/10 and its no surprise that movie has been rated as 8.7/10 in IMDB and stands 29th in the list of IMDB top 250 Movies.
Hats off to the director Andrew Stanton.

EVEEEEE (WALL – E style)

Rock On !!

Heard a lot about this movie from my friends and then a man has his own expectations and then there was so much hype about this movie…people even said it is “Dil Chahta Hai 2” and obviously Farhan Akhtar is a guy to be expected from (though this time it’s not his direction)…so anyways wanted to see this movie asap…

So on Monday night (1st Sept )…after office while going home in company bus alongwith my roommate Ranga, at about 10 pm when we crossed a theatre on the way home, I just got an idea that lets Rock on...and then we two went for it.

It is not the extra ordinary story that makes a movie good or close to people’s heart but the ordinary story with the dreams and feelings of all the ordinary people…this is all what Rock On is about.

There is no suspense or surprise or twisting points in the movie but still the director Abhishek Kapoor who is also the story writer has actually done a fabulous job…you get the goose bumps as it’s all about having a dream and then accomplish the things against all the odds and getting out of life’s vicious circle to do something which you have been planning and failed once miserably but still over a long run you make it being friends together.

Farhan Akhtar and other stars Arjun, Purab and Luke actually make you feel that there is this band Magik…their appearance has been wonderfully planned…Luke makes me remember Axl Rose of Guns N Roses and the pic of all four in empty swimming pool (the cover pic) I feel somehow has been copied from one of the Metallica pic but whatever it’s too good.

I would rate this movie as 8/10.

Meri Laundry Ka Ek Bill, Ek Aadhi Padhi Novel…na na naaa naaa na na naaa naaa :-)

Live Your Dream