Sunday, October 26, 2008

Done !! Cracked Klueless 4 :-)

Yuppieee….Finally we did it…

Me and Rahul…as we planned…completed Klueless 4 :D

Moment to be proud of…

But it wasn’t too easy…it took almost 2 and half days…

We started the moment...the game was launched on 23rd October sharp 10 am and then yesterday at about 2 pm we completed it…it was a great feeling to plan something and then achieve it :D (many such things are still pending in life…hope same happens with them too)

Anyways I feel so happy to tell you that Rahul and Me have conquered the 7th position in the Klueless4 hall of fame.

The game was too good…just can’t describe the experience in words…it’s simply addictive…as the poster says.

These 2 and half days I was at Rahul’s room only. We didn’t expect that we will be ranked so high…cuz all the last versions we played…the 500 names in hof were already there…hehe…obviously we started much later…anyways this time we didn’t leave any chance for that and luckily very few people completed the game before us.

Lastly thanks to people who posted hints in Klueless blog which helped us whenever we needed a direction and obviously a BIG THANKS to KLUELESS 4 team…u guys rock \m/

P.S. I didn’t read anything in these 2 and half days… :-( But that doesn’t mean I am not taking my studies seriously…I will compensate it.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The wait is almost over…Klueless 4

It’s 9.45 and after exact 15 mins Kluless 4 is gonna be launched…
For the unaware people Klueless is the online puzzle by IIM Indore guys as a part of their annual festival IRIS…

Me and Rahul have been the great fans of this game…we have completed all the 3 earlier games too…klueless 1 and 3 being the best 2 of the 3 but that doesn’t mean klueless 2 was boring but not as interesting for us as Klueless 1 or 3.

Anyways I won’t be writing much now…as it’s just 10 mins left….

So guys wish me luck…

We both had planned a long time earlier bout playin klueless 4 together and fortunately today we are together…so we will be giving our best shot…

So lets see…(will update bout the happenings) :-)

Friday, October 3, 2008

1st Anniversary of my HTC Touch :-)

It has been exact 1 year that I bought this my cell phone…HTC Touch.

I still remember that I was in Pune as usual…for weekend I guess and then I had to buy a new mobile phone since my earlier one got too old…and then one fine night…I guess 1st October we few guys were having dinner in George and then we were discussing about all the new cell phones in market…and then Wasim talked about HTC Touch…I never heard of the company…lol…but he was too much in favor of it…and then we all got pretty excited and then we came back to Rahul’s flat and checked out the cell phone’s review on net…and then I almost fell for it :-)

Means the touch flow video really rocks man…u just feel…what the fuck is that…its too cool… (honestly telling this touch flow function I must have used hardly 10 times in entire year…lol) ya but it looks too cool…and specially when some one who hasn’t seen this cell and you are showing him your cell phone and then do that touch flow thing…he really feels…man that fuckin cool…

So then next day…that is on Mahatma Gandhi Anniversay we went to telephone shoppee and saw all available cell phones…N73…MotoRocker and HTC touch being the main attraction and then I took some time and guys (Akshay and Rahul took some time…Rahul was inclined towards any one of the 1st two and Akshay was inclined towards HTC Touch) and I was in complete dilemma about what to buy…and then the most important factor of life GOD (money) was also there…HTC was costing 19.5 K…man it was too costly (at least at that time)…but then sometimes you have to take the risk…risk as in buying something really new in market…which you haven’t seen anyone using and then spending such a big amount on it…but then as it has been said “No Risk No Gain”…I took the risk and believe me I gained a lot…

(I bought the cell phone on next day…3rd October 2007 as I couldn’t take out so much cash at the same night cuz of cash withdrawal limit)

The cell phone was just launched in market…in fact most of my friends never heard of it before…including myself…and when I messaged everyone regarding the new cell phone…someone even felt that HTC Touch is a typo for Hutch…lolz

This cell phone is really cool to use and there are no flaws in it…its worth the money you spend…I am not gonna write all the cool things...yup but in short it’s a good deal :-)

So that’s all…Happy Birthday to U…my dear HTC Touch :-)

P.S.:- my earlier cell phone is N-Gage QD and I am still using it along with my new cell phone :-)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I need some time

Hi everybody...(actually those who care to check out if I have posted something new :D)

Anyways...I haven't posted anything from a long time and I actually wanna write quite a lot things that keep coming in mind (and leave it very soon...lolz) but I need some time...that's all I can say as of now...

So hope I take out some time and write things... :-)