Sunday, July 12, 2009

No MBA this year :-(

Just now on DTE website they have put up the list of the colleges with the seats distribution structure and this year there is no seat for NT1 in any of the 2 colleges I was aiming for...neither JB nor Sydneham, on rotation basis the seats have gone to NT2 candidates this year…so finally the result is out before it was supposed to be and I am not gonna get into MBA this year…so that’s it.

Ya a bit depressed…may be quite depressed but there is no use or say no option…but it’s fine…life never stops and you have to go ahead with all the failures either carrying them as burden or just forgetting them and making a new start…and that’s what I am gonna do…forgetting everything and moving ahead :-)

So friends don’t worry I am cool…means I will be soon.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Frustration of office life

Today I have dropped a mail to my PM requesting him to discuss my future prospects in my project…actually I am not getting much work of my technology and then whatever I am getting is too less to consume my abilities…also after completing more than 3 years in an organization now I have started getting a big desperation for going onsite too…

One way out of this fucked up situation is the CET final seat allotment process which is actually being delayed a lot by the government. If I get lucky there its gonna be wonderful :D

Actually I was holding…infact I am holding this frustration from quite a long time inside me which has kinda made me a pessimist…which I hate to be…so finally today I have asked my PM to discuss my future plans with me…but he has delayed the meeting to Monday…so lets see what happens…

** actually the story is very long and its no use writing all of it here…the main issue is I am really frustrated regarding my career and I am not consumed.

Friday, July 3, 2009

What time is it??

I never knew I would be doing this…I woke up just a minute back and writing this post.

Monsoon has now hit Mumbai well. There were some pre monsoon showers in last couple of weeks with the gap of some sunny days in between. But from yesterday it's raining cats and dogs here.
Anyways I am nocturnal so I sleep very late and wake up very late and then hurry up for office. One of the main factors I wake up late is the atmosphere outside. Especially in rainy season you never come to know the time, even if it is 9 in mng you will feel like its 5 or 6 am.

And this is the same case right now. I opened my eyes few minutes back and saw outside and almost decided to lay on bed for another hour or two thinking its so early morning but then I checked the time in my mobile and I couldn’t believe it was 9.40 am.

Anyways gotta rush to office now.
Bye and tkcr.