Friday, October 30, 2009

Home shifting… unforgettable experience

This weekend was really hectic and one of the most tiring weekends…we left the HOME we were living in before.

There are reasons to call our last place as HOME and that will be forming another post on my blog :-) this post is just to tell how was the shifting experience.

Now some of you are definitely going to give that sarcastic laugh saying…as if you are the only one who has shifted his place ever…but the thing is this was the 1st time we shifted in 3 years…for first few months we were living in the same building on 8th floor and then we shifted to 1st floor where we were living till yesterday.

And believe me shifting from a place after 3 years is an entirely different experience…there was a huge amount of trash…dirt…clothes and specially paper waste…no exaggeration, there was 60 kg of paper waste from the house.

Before describing paper and clothes waste…one more story…
The bag I bought in Nagpur in May 2006 while leaving the city for joining company had not been moved over the years from the place it was placed and quite a few times there was overflow in kitchen cuz of freeze defrost and open taps (after getting drunk) so while cleaning the house when I first moved it, believe me guys, there was a centipede beneath it and I was so fucking scared of opening the bag…I wore my shoes all the time and somehow dared to open the bag after sometime after I gained enough courage and to my luck there was nothing more…but to my bad luck most of the clothes in the bag were wet and had gained moisture and were of no use and the most important loss was that the diaries I wrote in my college days also got wet but luckily they are readable and not completely wasted...

Ok so out of the 60 kg of paper waste I guess almost 40 kg was purely the MBA material we had at our room…it was like at least 20 students have given the MBA exams from our flat but no…we were just 4…leave it, that’s another story.
Anyways, I was amazed to see such a huge paper waste from the house, now many will argue why didn’t you distribute it to the needy people and stuff but you know we were two guys who are quite a lot experienced in doing stuff at the 11th hour and then you don’t have time to take care of other people at that time cuz honestly speaking you don’t have time to take care of self …hehehe…

And then the other thing that came out in excess was clothes…before that one more moral…specially when you are the last people vacating the place and that means when your earlier roommates have lived with you and then left the place before you always remember there are their memories left behind specially in the form of admit cards, prospectus, telephone bills, photo copies of all the documents they had, their traveling tickets and most importantly their studying material and their clothes… Lol…believe me there is no pun intended…

So there were like almost hundred clothes which we had and we were not wearing anymore and then half of them, we were not sure to whom did it belong so all these clothes helped us help others, we gave lotta them to the security guards of our building and then ones which were not worth wearing again formed some waste from home.

Other than this there were like 50 plastic bottles and some 10 bottles of whiskey, vodka, scotch bottles which I really liked keeping arranged in a shelf in kitchen reminding me of good time I spent with the friends :D (this doesn’t mean we have just drank this much in 3 yr, I don’t have any particular logic for just keeping 10).

It took us almost two days to clear the place leaving behind nothing but the little amount of dust and dirt behind and beneath the cot which were too tired of cleaning…in all the place was really clean :-)

So guys that’s all…just wanted to share the experience of shifting the place since it was a really thrilling one for me and I am sure for Suyog as well.

Thanks to Amit P, Amit W and Shripad for helping us on the 2nd day :-) specially by taking away few important things with them which we didn’t want to throw as trash.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

12 Angry Men ... See it now if you haven't

It is exactly 2.50 am right now when I am starting writing this…
Will make it short and sweet…

Few minutes back the movie ended “12 Angry Men”, I am speechless…I just don’t have enough words to describe how good a movie can be.

I am so pleased and glad and happy and excited that I gotta see this movie, I am a movie freak and believe me movies keep me alive and ticking and going and this one…this one was nothing but simply awesome…if you haven’t seen this you are missing something.

I just wonder it’s like 52 years old movie and the plot, the direction, the actors, the dialogues…man movies last till eternity, good movies like this one are made for everyone and must must must must watch…if I ever get a chance to open a university then movies would be in curriculum and this one would be one of the best lectures, students would get

I feel like calling some of the close friends and sharing my excitement with them but its too late now…I should sleep.

Goodnight and keep rocking \m/