Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Finally…Finally…Finally…in USA

So finally got an onsite opportunity…was waiting for this one from a very long time…struggled a lot, in fact fought a lot…got delayed for quite a long…more than a year to be honest and then many more hurdles…getting into some unwanted project and then the release issue and then promises which didn’t work out and then bad luck of projects getting scrapped…but at last it did work out for me…better late than never :)

Last few months have been really frustrating and depressing...the only thing on mind was when will my onsite work out…and finally when it did I am happy :)

The visa got processed from some different account and then got opportunity from some different account and travelled to Davidson, North Carolina, USA.

The things happened at the lightning speed and as usual I being a person doing things at the 11th hour, it all was such haste, I just can’t forget. Special thanks to Akshay and his car ;) that made it possible to reach the port on time and also the last minute shopping and packing, goodness it was like the 1 minute show when you do things at the fastest speed possible, hehe. Can you imagine giving 3 trousers for alteration and buying a lot of other stuff I needed to pack, at 8 pm when my check in time was supposed to be 9 pm, that’s another thing that I checked in at 10.30. I am such a careless bastard. Hehe. But at last everything went well so I don’t have any regrets.

The flight was fine. A non stop from Mumbai to NY. Then a connecting one to Charlotte and then a taxi drive of 30 minutes to Davidson.

The 1st day was a real different experience. Everywhere it was so silent, I could not sustain it for some time. Hardly anyone on the streets. All houses of the same type, cars parked everywhere, all turns look the same, it’s gonna be difficult to remember the roads. But its fine, I will get accustomed soon, it has just been a week :)

The human experience has been cool too. Americans are as courteous as I had expected them to be. Anyone you come across will wiggle their head and tell you Hi.

The changes I observed were in the desi janta, my own people. Some teetotalers who thought drinking as a real bad habit in India have now started drinking perhaps thinking that makes them hip. And then some real unexpected human courtesy changes but lets not talk about that. For a day I was bit down but then its life and it doesn’t fuckin wait for anyone so you have to move along. Came across some real cool guys and now friends and won’t forget their courtesy.

Still gotta need some time to settle down as the next house available is on 23rd Oct and that’s almost 1 month later and again you cannot be entirely self dependent here unless you own a car so that’s another thing I have to take care of and will take bit long since I don’t know how to drive a four wheeler :(

Other than this, office is cool, learning is good and I am keeping it up so looking forward to having a good time with a lot of value addition.

Rest all is fine. Things gonna get settled soon and I am gonna have the time of my life in here without any regrets. Missing my friends in India a lot ;-( hope you all missing me too :D