Saturday, May 8, 2010


What a movie!! I just loved it.

Invictus - a very inspiring and feel good movie. If you are like on the top of some cliff ready to jump and end your frustrated life which you think is frustrated but may be it is not frustrated, then this movie can save you... believe me, it is one of those kind.

The movie is too good and how can a GOD like Clint Eastwood make not too good movies...You are the man \m/

Two best actors Morgan and Matt and one great viewer Manish...hehe

No sense writing bout the movie...all i can say is that its a real cool movie and specially when you know that this is inspired by true events then you actually start thinking perhaps life ain't bad. :D

I am the master of my fate...
I am the captain of my soul...

A perfect weekend

Last weekend was superb. One of the most tiring but most joyous as well.

It was a big get together all of my dentist friends had planned. Rahul came down to Pune after a long time and fortunately most of his batch mates could manage to be there, though most of them busy with their own clinics or post graduations studies.

For me the weekend started with an adventure of a long ride to Alibagh 150 km away from Mumbai. I was in office on Friday night till 12.30 am cuz of some issue and my roommates had planned the ride. Earlier I was not in for the plan but later mood changed and I joined in. we started at around 1.30 am on 5 bikes 9 guys. I did not ride in the entire trip which obviously sounds so dumb but then that was the way it was. FYI: I am a good rider. Anyways so we reached the beach at 5 in morning and did some time pass and sipped some beer and visited the fort and came started from there at 9. At around 10.30 the guys dropped me at a highway point from where I could get the bus for Pune.

Cuz of rush I had to stand all the way for almost 3 hours and I was dozing off badly. I just prevented not to fall.

I reached pune and then we met all these guys who were waiting for me from morning and then we all went to Lavassa city in cars and it was a nice ride too except that I slept for most of the time…hehe…we spent some nice time together around 12 friends. We came back by evening and then had the awaited grand party at Amol’s place. All were very happy to see each other and it was this big get together after a long time for my dentist friends. Me, Raghuvir and Priya were the only non-medicos in the house. The party was awesome. Antiquity Blue…I love You. Everyone enjoyed their time and it was good drinks, food, music and the company :D

Not to forget there were few additional adventures of puking and then cleaning it and puking again at various places making it difficult to clean and then passing out on commode and then jokes and arguments and lot of rubbish abusive language which no one meant though and then opening the commode door thinking the guy has fainted inside and discovering that he is just defecating and having a good time…hehehe…it was an amazing night…dialogues like “if I don’t drink, I will puke”…I will remember this forever…I am still laughing hard remembering it all.

The next day we had some gaming action, pathetic bowling alley though. The atmosphere outside was really cool and then Rahul left and then I left and then I came back…hehe…yes…cuz it rained heavily and I could not get the ticket for Mumbai so I came back…coffee…some food and good night sleep.

Next day I was supposed to leave early morning but then I never saw it, when I woke up it was broad day light. Most of us had a craving for sea food and hence we went to a nice sea food restaurant and enjoyed a superb meal along with some beer :D and then we came back to Mumbai in Rohan’s car..not to forget one more nice ride.

So as I mentioned earlier it was a tiring but joyous weekend.

Mamta Weds Pankaj

One most important development in life…really relieving and happiest moment for my family…Tai (elder sister) got married on 1st April 2010. As anticipated 2010 is good as compared to last few years where it has been such a mundane life.

Tai’s wedding was a big tension for my family cuz Dad doesn’t have much social contacts around and since parents are from village there are not many well educated relatives and then Tai has studied a lot…she is MBBS and now doing MD Pathology. Now to find a groom for her means he has to be at least as much educated as she is. No one was in relatives. Mom and Dad were trying but then my combined effort with them yielded the fruit. I made two profiles on two leading matrimonial sites and it worked. There were quite a lot interests for her but then the filter was PG Medico.

And then the match came one day and then the formalities happened and the guy met the girl and then both liked each other and parents spoke to each other and waved the green flag and formal meet happened between the families and then everything went smooth. The dates were fixed and the day came, BIG DAY I would say.

It was a real nice experience, if it is 1st marriage in your family then there are many things to take care of. There is a lot of management and always some mismanagement to look after but then the day’s end is what it is for. The bride going along with the groom happily.
It is a beautiful mixture of all the feelings. The tiring work, frustrating small things, formalities in front of at least 50% people you never saw, answering the FAQs so many times that you would blabber the same in sleep that night, the out of the world happiness of seeing you sister smiling with her groom, getting a feeling that they are made for each other, the pleasure of sensing the happiness amongst all the beloved families and friends who have showered their blessings and wished you and teased you saying “you are the next”, the 100 new Poojas and Mantras of your religion which you heard for the 1st time (I don’t care to be honest), the final sad feeling of bride’s departure and the tears in the eyes. As I said it is a beautiful mixture of all the feelings.
Jiju (brother in law) is a nice person, Tai is happy with him and that’s what the most important thing is. This post is for you. Wish you a very happy married life. I am sure you are never going to read this blog though hehe…

** Blog dedicated to all families and friends who shared the joy with me on the day…specially the friends who sweated equally as me and the monetory help as well :)

Long time No see

Yeah it has been a real long time that I wrote something here…quite a lot things have happened around me…some good some bad…hope to write a separate posts on each of them.

Life is ok...neither happening nor depressing as we say “Bass, katt rahi hain :-) “
Hope ya all too doing good.