Thursday, March 4, 2010

Something’s wrong with ME

I don’t know what but something’s definitely wrong with me. I can’t be cool anymore, the way I have been most of the times. I have to consult at least 2 3 people before taking any decisions, I get so nervous whenever any problem arises and just can keep my calm and think over it. People come to know I am tensed. This was not me few years back, perhaps few months back. I used to be calm and cool and always laughing and taking things not so seriously and dealing with situations the best way.

Few hours back I just got in a situation (in fact I am not out of it yet) but then there was no need to be so tensed and nervous, as I got. My seniors talked to me when I consulted them and then my dead confidence boosted up. It’s not like I don’t have the courage or confidence or the decision making ability but somehow these days I get quite frightened of the situations even before they begin, forgetting that the situation can be dealt with and it would be all cool again.

I still can think from all aspects when some of my friend falls in any situation and I have helped and help them with the best way out. But when it comes to me somehow I get too nervous as if it’s the end and all. Perhaps sometimes my temperament makes me more nervous, like I get angry over things and obviously think of not expressing it every now and then and then just suppressing it within I get nervous what would happen. This is being so confusing, I am sure the one who will read this will be more confused but then I just had to note this down for my future reference. Hehe.

Anyways right now I am bit relieved, I aint sure if the current situation gonna get worse or better but still I am being patient. Let’s see what happens.

Don’t worry I am cool.

** this tension is about office life and I dint want to mention all details in here so hope u just get the gist of the situation. (wrote in office at 6pm 4/3/10, will publish at night)