Friday, August 29, 2008

Dead Silence

Dead Silence is a nice horror movie with an amazing suspense and it’s fun to watch the movie. The director is James Wan, the director of my one of the favorite horror movie “Saw” so I trusted this movie and knew it’s gonna be atleast fine.

The movie is based on an urban legend or say frightening stories parents tell their children (if you know what I mean). Nothing much to tell about the movie other than that you can watch it atleast once.

I would rate it 7/10.

You Scream. You Die.

Street Kings

Saw this movie last night alongwith “Teeth”, actually before it.

Street Kings is an action crime movie and after reading wiki I came to know it was also titled as ‘The Night Watchman”.

The movie has famous stars like Keanu Reeves and Forest Whitaker.
I have seen a couple of movie of both the actors and I liked them and hence I knew the movie turn out to be a boring.
It’s a story about a cop and the politics in the police department. I won’t write anything more.

I would rate the movie as 7/10 and actually I did the same in IMDB :-)

Teeth --- What the hell was that?

Man saw this movie “Teeth” last night…had heard already about it like it’s a boring movie and horror cum comedy movie…but still I saw it…you know sometimes I feel…each movie can be seen atleast once (no but there are some yuck movies which you realize are not at all worth seeing…but after you see them…lolz)

Anyways this is a very boring movie…when I read on wiki I came to know that it is actually a black comedy…else I was thinking that why a horror movie has been directed like a comedy movie…

Nothing much to write about the movie…probably writing this post just to keep track of the movies I see… :-)

I would rate this movie as 2/10.

Don’t watch Doomsday

Got this mail “Movies of 2008” and then there were many movies mentioned in it and all movies look good on their posters and probably this was the reason Rahul downloaded this movie “Doomsday”.

Alongwith Rahul and Akshay, I saw this movie at Rahul’s room, when I was in Nagpur.
Honestly I wanna tell you all who are reading this post, don’t try be a phantom like we did and watch this movie cuz this movie has got nothing in it…I tell u…when the movie begins and till the time they show title and star cast and introduction goes on…you will build up high expectations from the movie but eventually what you gonna get it is a kick on your bad ass for watching this super duper flop movie of the year 2008…

I don’t wanna tell you why the movie is bad…I don’t even know the actors or directors and I feel lucky for not knowing them :-)

In IMDB the movie has been rated as 6.2 / 10 and I wonder who the hell the voters are, probably the relatives of the actors and directors…lolz…I would rate it 1/10..may be something less if allowed.

So again I will end this post by saying “Don’t watch Dommsday”.

Nagpur Vacation

Writing a blog after a long time.
Left for nagpur on 13th August, it was Wednesday. Met Akshay at Dadar and then we both left by Vidarbh Express.

Nagpur trip was cool.
All were there, Rahul Mandar and Arpit (this was a surprise I kept till the last moment). Everyone was happy to have it and it was indeed a sweet surprise.

We reached Nagpur on 14th at 9am in morning…then went to my home and I got freshened up and all and then we went to Arpit’s place by Autorickshaw which I never preferred in my city as we never used it when in college.
Anyways then what, we just enjoyed all the days together.

One day myself, Rahul and Akshay went to Bhandara in Rahul’s car…it was an adventurous trip…ya I remember it was Sunday 17th…We left in morning at 8 am…within city only we would have met an accident but luckily escaped it…and then while returning also we met a small accident where one van just kissed our car from side…luckily it also didn’t made any difference…means nothing happened to us inside car and nothing went wrong…everything was just fine.

So this way we went to meet Sudarshan at his place…while his mom cooked lunch for us, we guys went to a nearby place Korambi, it’s a river side chill out place…nothing we just had smoke and chitchatted a lot.

Came back and had chicken made by aunty…it was yummy and then by 3.30 noon we left and reached back home at around 6.30 pm.

It was Rakhshabandhan on 16th and my “Tai” (a marathi word for elder sister) couldn’t come to tie me Rakhi as she couldn’t get holidays from her college.
So she came on Sunday morning for the purpose and then I met her after coming back from Bhandara :-)

The same night I went with my friends to a so called pub in Nagpur “PP’s Garage”…before this I never knew that this place would turn out to be my nightmare…I had visited the place couple of times before but never had such a bad experience…We guys were there for almost 2 hours and in those 120 minutes the so called DJ just played 3 or 4 songs worth being played in a pub…the crowd there didn’t had any idea or a difference between a pub and disco…they were dancing on the songs being played as bad as some drunkard dances in a wedding band (if you know what I mean), some guys were trying to be hip by moving their hands in a hip hop action but that was just a pretence…the entire pub was rocking except guys on our table…the songs being played were mostly Hindi remixes and some as worse as “Tip Tip Barsa Pani”…that was a bullet in my heart…the muthafucka (DJ) was dancing on some Bhangada songs…the only time when all guys on our table rocked was when DJ played 3 consecutive cool songs “Fear of the Dark” “Last Resort” and “Faint”…and for these 15 minutes or so, entire public was completely quiet…and may be that was the reason DJ came back to their choice and played all the songs earlier and similar to ruin our night…the 80 % crowd was really cheap…guys dancing without their I just can’t forget how bad it was…

Anyways we came back and I had my sleep at Mandar’s place…

One fine night after that we had a party at Mandar’s place and all those know how cool the atmosphere there is…surely know how cool the party had been…it was fuckin awesome…we had VAT 69 (bumper) and Signature (quarter). Most of us tasted VAT 69 for the 1st time and all liked it…Signature is cool…everyone knows…after midnight when we felt that we need more liquor Rahul and Mandar got one more Signature quarter and some more cigarettes…the night was cool…we talked a lot...laughed a lot (that’s the most important part for me) and then we slept off with that feeling high…

Then on Wednesday or Thursday (I don’t exactly remember) Mandar and Akshay both left for Hyderabad and Mumbai respectively...and then only I and Rahul were left :-)

The next 4 5 days till 24th I stayed all nights at my home…obviously I was with my other friends whenever possible…these days were slow and relaxing...

And now the best memory in my Nagpur vacation…my bike Yamaha RX 135…we got it repaired and then it was mixed feelings…happy for bike working now…sad that I didn’t do it from such a loooooooong time…fuckin two years….and the most important part…anger over myself…that it just costed 265 Rs…two hundred and sixty five rupees ONLY…for getting my bike started…may be there are some more maintenance to be done but for now it was just 265 and I couldn’t fuckin do it from last more than 700 days...i fuckin hate myself for this…but anyways I am very happy that I didn’t ignore it this time…and alongwith Rahul, I finally did it.

So that was it, over all my Nagpur vacation was cool, adventurous and I was more than happy as I was there after a real long span of 5 months.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Mama I' M Coming Home

Few more hours and then I will be on the way (in the train) to my hometown --- NAGPUR
Nagpur my love…city of oranges…city of hearts…city of joy…city of lovely people and the most important of all…city of my family and FRIENDS :-)

It has been 5 months, I haven’t been there…can you imagine….5 fuckin months…and I have not visited Nagpur even once…man its hell lot of a gap…I am just 800 km away and couldn’t manage to go to home from a real long time…but finally the wait is over…tomorrow I will be leaving and within few hours I will be there…my Karmabhumi (the place of one’s deeds).

Just 5 minutes before I got done with the packing and stuff…cuz it’s no normal vacation for me…I am going there for 11 11 days is really cool…

For the 1st time after I joined my job…that means in last 2 years this will be my longest vacation at home…hurraayyyyyy…I am so excited…so curious…so eager…so desperate…I just can't express all of it in words…I am simply happy.

It took me more than 2 hours to get my packing done along with sorting all the clothes I have…I have so many clothes…I never knew…I get so angry over myself looking at few of them…I haven’t worn them from such a long time…most of them are so dirty now…after I return there is gonna be a big task waiting for me…washing all the clothes…but leave it…right now I don’t wanna think of anything except me going home…

Home…sweet home!!

All friends are gonna be there…and it’s gonna be real fun…we gonna party real hard…yupppiiiieeeeeee…

There is gonna be no work load…no daily fucked up robotic routine…no deadlines…no issues…no tensions…

There is gonna be only fun...masti...maahol and rest after I get tired :-)

So that’s it…now time to sleep its 2.35 am…not too late for me though…lol

Mama I’M Coming Home!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Where am I ??

Helloooo … anybody in there?
Hey, where are you man? No blog from a long time, huh?
Wassup these days? ........... That’s me to myself … hehehhe.

Hmm…man last week was so hectic specially the last two working days.
Had training (Siebel EIM) on Thursday and Friday.
As usual slept by 2.30 am on Wednesday night (oh k, its Thursday morning).
Woke up at 7 in morning to catch the 8 am bus for office.
Reached office at exact 8.50 am, there was hardly anyone else, atleast no one from my project.
Some insane person will only like to get up early in the morning in this season.
It’s right now raining in Mumbai and the atmosphere in morning is so good to sleep :-) it is psychologically so difficult to look out at the atmosphere out of our window and wake up.
Sometimes I feel, given a chance, I would have been sleeping all day, but alas!

Anyways so I reached office and then had breakfast and then attended training from 10 am till evening, then came back to desk and started working.
I was thinking that I will leave early as I came early but then according to the Murphy ’s Law, there were issues at night to look after and it made me leave by 1030 pm bus at night. I was so damn tired and sleepy, I just can’t express now.

Ok, then reached home and had dinner and all, it was again 1 am and then as I am used to sleeping late, inspite of being so tired I slept at 2 at night.
Next day again it was training so woke up at 7 again, got the bus, attended the training and then office and then somehow managed to leave by 9.30 bus.
Came back home and watched “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar” on TV :-) one of the best Bollywood Movies. So slept late again at 2.30 and then it was Saturday, lovely Saturday, woke up at 12.3o, few people bugged me up with calls, in my early morning sleep (in between 9 to 11 am…lolz) but I managed to cut it short and then slept again :-)

So Saturday was good, went to meet Ambu at airport and then had lunch with him there itself and then went to akshay’s place in Bandra and then went to buy books with him for him only and then went to Band Stand, had a walk in heavy drizzle and then had an Irish Coffee in CCD, it was too sweet :-( and then moved back home. Iqbal was going on TV so watched it. Its one of the best movies by Nagesh Kukunoor, he is really a nice director.

So again slept late night at 2.30 and then today morning woke up at 9 and went to give Simcat 5 of IMS and then it went ok except for Maths which now I am realizing is my weak area…study u motherfuc*er (I curse myself a lot)…so that’s it…and then was at home from then…didn’t bath :-) … talked with Anya and Rahulya on net itself, it was fun…ya saw one of the best movies infact this year’s best bollywood movie “Taare Zameen Par” in noon…man it’s a must watch…my eyes get wet in some of its scenes…ya then that’s all…whole day was like…AARAAM !!

Then again wasn’t feeling sleepy so thought of blogging a bit and here is the result :-) … sala dekhte hi dekhte bohaat sara likh diya bey…anyways time to sleep…office tomorrow :-(

How I fuckin hate Mondays !!