Thursday, May 28, 2009

3 cheers for Barca \m/ Don’t mess with Messi :D

Last night’s Champions League’s final match between Manchester United and Barcelona was one of the best CL’s finals. Not because the match went tough or it was a close shave but the loss of Man U made it really interesting.

As usual most of the crowd was supporting Man U and when Eto scored the 1st goal for Barca in 10’ the entire stadium went silent and you could feel how badly the people wanted Man U to win but this was surely not their day.

The Barca players were possessing the ball for most of the time and then the second goal by a baaap player Messi in 70’ shattered the dreams of all Man U supporters and obviously the team…but I was so happy to see this…it was revenge for me for last years same final match between Man U and Chelsea which was too exciting and the closest shave I would say but ending with Man U’s win.

But this time Barca has been crowned the new King and Man U’s reign is over.

3 cheers for Barca…

P.S. :- When Barca defeated Chelsea in semifinal I was really disappointed and wanted them to lose but more badly I wanted revenge for last year’s final :D

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a Match !!

I am sad…today was a match between two teams I love most and I support equally…Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians…but like every mumbaiyya I was supporting Mumbai Indians…Sachin Tendulkar…who wants him to lose…GOD…seriously Sachin you are GOD.

But on the other side was equally capable cricketer who is no less than GOD…Shane Warne…the best captain undoubtedly…I love to see him doing his job…he supports and appreciate each and every move of his fellow teammates…

One of the most incredible matches of IPL 2009…last 5 overs…that’s where the excitement began and climbed the peak and no doubt it ended with the same excitement…no one side game…no obvious victory…everything was possible but every single ball was becoming unpredictable…the win was equally required for both the teams to survive ahead for the semifinals but Alas! Mumbai lost by just 2 runs :-(

But ya RR you rock man \m/ hats off to you guys.

As it is well said…jo jeeta wohi sikandar.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Wedding Anniversary Mom & Dad

Today is the 30th wedding anniversary of my mom & dad…
actually…wishing each other on such special occasion including birthdays is not something we have been doing in our family…it has been all very mutual…ya but it never changed the importance of the day :-)
I called them in the morning and the call must have lasted hardly for 5 minutes and I spoke to both of them and wished them before cutting the call…

I don’t have much to write about this occasion…the only thing I wonder is that how can someone spend thirrrtttyyyyyy years together…not even wonder but rather I get a thot that isn’t that a real big deal...atleast for my generation…like we guys sometimes get bored of someone in just few days man and then marrying a gal and being with her for all your lifetime according to the oath taken at the time of marriage…that’s gonna be real big deal man…may be time will decide it better…rather than me spending time imagining stupid things bout it…hehe…

So Mom & Dad … I know you never gonna read this … But still… A very happy wedding anniversary to both of you…you actually have been real great and special mom & dad…I cannot imagine my life without the freedom I have got from you and the way you have actually let me be what I have been without trying or forcing me to become someone ideal…believe me my love for you was never less even a bit…and I accept it with a little guilt that I have never expressed that when we be together but I know and this is the best thing of my life…I know that you two too understand it… love u !!

P.S. :- The pic must hv been taken within a year after getin married smwhr in 1979 - 80...look at my dad...long hair huh !! and they always scold me when I let my hair grow long...hehe.