Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sachin “GOD” Tendulkar

What a perfect day to write about GOD…yes GOD…I can’t think of any other word for this person.
I am high on happiness today.
It’s been almost one hour now but my goosebumps are not leaving me…
I am lucky…very lucky…

At about 5 pm I was at home and surfing net, dint care to see the match score. India VS South Africa.
After sometime I remembered some one mentioned in office that Sachin had scored another century…I simply opened the scorecard online and that was it…I got the shock of life…the most lovely shock…I saw Sachin’s score as 197…My breath stopped, believe me, it did. I went on to see the news and then I realized that the life was about to get more lovely and sweeeeeeet.

I actually thought match was over and Sachin scored 197 Not Out which was a world record anyways…but then I came to know Dude is still playing.

Oh goodness…I just cant express watching those last 7 balls of the match.

I simply saved myself from being called the unluckiest motherfucker sitting at home surfing internet while GOD was making miracles there making the WORLD RECORD of 200 runs in ODI.

I have lived my life. Sachin, you are the phenomenon. You are simply the BEST.
It’s not only the scores but your modesty and humble nature which keep u at the top of the world. You have created history and I know that there is more to come.

I am simply high on happiness today. Don’t need nothing to get more high. GOD I have got a new mantra for u…its called “Om Namah Sachinaay… Om Namah Sachinaay…”

Please say it aloud… :-)

Love you Sachin.

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*** Heard a lot about twitter and hence joining it today.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010 is here…Happy New Year (hehehe…I kno I am late)

Hehe. I know I am so late in wishing but then its better late than never.
Its all my laziness to be blamed here and no excuses of work or other tensions…sheer laziness.

Anyways I have been all optimistic about 2010…don’t know why, but I feel everything’s gonna be all goody goody for me in this year.

The two major tensions I always had in life were my elder sister’s wedding and my onsite.

1st cuz she has studied a lot and it had been impossible to find a equally educated groom for her with medico background in our caste and family doesn’t have much social contacts to get some good proposal.

2nd cuz its all about money. Onsite is the only chance where I can earn a bit of money in bulk so that I can plan something for my family in future.

2010 began and my sister got a good proposal and the marriage is finalized and she will be getting married somewhere in next month. I am so happy for her. Her,would be, is also a post graduate medico and both have liked each other a lot and that’s all what matters in marriage.

The onsite thing, its all up and down even now. I have completed almost 4 years in offshore now and thats a pretty long time in one company and especially in the one I am employed in. Some stupid people even judge this as incompetitiveness but I know all about it now. Luck does matter a lot.
There are very less onsite opportunities for me out there, it seems. Got interviewed for one and it was pretty weird and some miscommunication and still waiting to hear from the BIG GUYS…one has contacted and I haven’t confirmed them yet…today got one more call from someone regarding one more opty and he was sounding too affirmative…so lets see what happens…I am hoping that something works out pretty soon…lets hope for the best.

So you see both the tensions seem to be ending now.

To add to these there have been some real good things going on around.

One of my closest friend Mandar got engaged just last week and it was such a cool night, what better date than V’day to carry out such a great ceremony. His fiancĂ© Spruha is a prefect match for him.

A week before that my close college friend Romi got married. And it had been such a memorable time. Right from the Sangeet night, the Wedding occasion both Maharashtrian and Marwadi style and then the reception night. All was fun and fun and only fun. We were a bunch of like 15 20 guys out there and we really did the best we can do and everyone did notice that these guys are amazing and that was a nice feeling.

And a lot many such occasions gonna come this year, I am sure.

The very 1st moment of 2010, I got this feeling of optimism that the year’s gonna rock for me. I have been positive all the time and I gonna remain the same. It has been scientifically proven that luck comes to people who consider themselves lucky. Though many of the times crib about being the most unluckiest guy but then I do believe that I have been lucky and that’s what has kept me positive most of the times. This year is going to completely prove the science :-)

Hope you all have a rocking year ahead.
This is my year…your year…our year \m/

P.S. Year 2009 was the worst year of my life…I don’t recall anything good happening to me in the last year. Good that it’s the past now and I won’t remember it anyways going forward…