Saturday, November 29, 2008

And the motherfuckers lost their minds

26th November 2008 will be remembered by my countrymen forever as the blackest day in the history of terrorism and probably by all the people in the world.

It was about 11 pm; I was having dinner with my roommates at room itself when I got a call from home. I told Mom that I will call her back after dinner; this was when she gave me the news of something happening in Mumbai, some sort of firing and stuff.

We guys immediately swapped the channel to see the news, when they were showing that there has been some firing near Leopold’s Café in Colaba. I jumped to the conclusion that this is nothing but a gang war (got this thought cuz of the way the café has been mentioned in Shantaram). Anyways so we were just watching the news when to our biggest surprise the news completely changed in sometime from the conclusion of gang war to terrorist attack all over the city. There has been firing at Taj Hotel and Oberoi Hotel as well and then suddenly a blast at Ville Parle and Santa Cruz. This was scary man, a situation of national emergency, which my nation was not at all prepared for and I guess never will be. Okay I will 1st in short describe the Mumbai siege, the terror started at approx 11 pm on 26th of Nov and ended early morning today i.e. on 29th Nov, taking about 60 hours. To read about the attack in details please click here.

The death toll is about 200 and injured 400; obviously these are much less than the actual human loss. Apart from this there has been a huge property loss to the iconic structures of the country.

But for a common man of India like me, there has been a loss of trust and faith in the country’s security measures. This is a really fucked up situation now for all the people in Mumbai, ya I know there is no such good security in other parts of the country as well but this city, the financial capital of India is I guess most vulnerable.

I actually can’t jot down everything I had been feeling from past 3 days and even right now but the simple thing I know is that though the country is kinda happy and celebrating the win over the terrorists attack and all of them are dead and one captured but the most simple equation for me is the opposite…I feel they have won…the terrorists.

It is very simple, the root word of terrorist is “terror”, their main purpose being to spread terror amongst the people and after this incidence I bet no single person in Mumbai will roam with bindaas attitude wherever he wants to in the city, he will always be afraid of being shot by some insane motherfucker or get victimized to some blast in some public transport mean. It is so easily visible TERROR in the minds of the people, all kind of people, upper class middle class lower class and people of all religions. It is simple that the terrorists have won.

The act is worth condemn, I just fuckin can’t believe that someone can get so inhuman to even shoot children who are crying but these motherfuckers even did that, they have no emotions no nothing…they just know how to kill…and that’s it.

On the other side I am really very proud of being a citizen of this really fucked up government of my country India. These are different fools fighting and playing the blame game all over when people were getting shot and the real heroes, the brave hearts (police, army, navy, NSG) were risking as well as sacrificing their lives saving the people and fighting with 19th century weapons against the 21st century weapons.

Trust me, it is so damn easy getting killed in this city, I can’t say much about the other cities but ya here in Mumbai it is not a big thing at all. It’s time to accept the facts; we are a third world country. In 2008 itself there has been atleast 5 terror attacks all over the country and hardly anyone responsible has been arrested and even if someone gets arrested there will be one more terror attack and the demands will be to release that arrested person.

I am not saying that things won’t ever change, I dream of India as the developed nation but right now all I know is that “This reality is nothing but a fucked up dream…

P.S. The post title has been taken from the song named “Bullet in your head” by one of my favorite bands “Rage against the machine” and the last line is taken from another song named "Between angels and insects" by "Paparoach".