Friday, July 9, 2010

Argentina Vs Germany --- End of the dreams

The day had come, the day to wear my Messi jersey with all high spirits and hopes that no matter what I gonna come back home with head held high.

This time Ankit and Abhishek had gone to Pune so had company of Akshay and Vikas.

Had expressed to so many of my friends face to face and online on facebook as well, everyone knew whom I am supporting, had changed my display pic to a cropped pic of me and Messi together and what not. Though Germany is my 2nd favorite team but my 2st favorite gotta won, I knew.

Same place after a week, FUEL – the Lounge.

Match starts and before we could get adjusted in our seats Germany’s Muller scores, simply WTF situation, 4 mins ??? like the fastest goal in this tournament. Screams and sighs in the house. The fans were almost equal for both the teams. The 1st half was almost equal possession by both teams equally trying for the goal, Argentina needing it most but they couldn’t.

2nd half begins and all I thought was of the match one day before when Holland was lagging with 0 – 1 but then beat Brazil by 2 – 1 in the end.

Alas! It was only the fantasy of Argentine fans cuz the reality was far much bitter than what they had ever imagined. In last 20 mins, Germany socres 3 more goal and Argentina none. Klose scored 2 and one more guy another. No sense in describing them cuz it anyways did not matter.

The time it was 0 – 2 still I was expecting the match to equal up but then the 3rd goal made it clear telling whose gonna win. The girl on next table started weeping like anything after it was scored. Other times it wud have amused me but not today :-(

Argentina was not having much possession in 2nd half and German’s counter attack no doubt was out of the world and they just did it. 4th goal was no surprise. They could have scored 5th as well if there were more 10 mins.

The day was bad, the feelings completely sad, the jersey life not more than 2 hours but I was somewhat glad that my 2nd fav team had won but again the loss of the most favorite team was not letting me smile.

Simply, end of the dreams.

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