Friday, July 9, 2010

Germany vs England (Round of 16, pre quarters)

We had decided to watch it over the drinks in Fuel – The Lounger, just next to our place.

Since Ankit and Abhishek were supporting England, they had bought Rooney and Lampard jerseys respectively and I am an Argentina fan so I had bought Messi jersey (wasn’t wearing it then though).

I was supporting my 2nd favorite team Germany :-)

There were hardly 10 guys in the house supporting Germans, all were screaming for Englishmen with most of them in England jersey as well but then they had to know who is the Daddy :D

It was 1st goal scored by none other than Klose to have the upper hand, just a bunch of crowd cheering and then 2nd by Podolski I guess which made them scream again, the rest of the crowd disappointed but then just in short time the English guy (don’t know whom) scored and you see the crowd, screaming like England has lifted the trophy, I was almost deaf.

The second half was disheartening for the supporters, England supporters :P

Muller – the man scoring 2 goals within 10 mins you see, the score 4 – 1. Game over!

Yes there were few bad decisions by the referee specially the Lampard goal but then its futbol, referee is the most important person on the field ;-)

The day was over with two England jerseys ruined at our place with no life more than 2 hours.

**The night was Argentina vs Mexico with former defeating the latter by 3 – 1.

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